Tukra adapted for drums

Here is a beautiful small tukra from Ustad Amir Hussain Khan adapted for drums.  I started my musical journey on drums and I sometimes get the itch to get back on the kit–although these days, my approach comes out much different!  It’s so exciting to explore the possibilities of drum compositions from the great Ustads!

Pandit Samta Prasad

A tabla master of the highest order, Pandit Samta Prasad Ji’s music continues to inspire tabla players, hindustani musicians, and music lovers alike to this day.  I often look towards old recordings for inspiration before and after my riyaaz and today I was happy to find this video of Samta Ji’s solo: I love the […]

Cajon classes this Fall!

I am happy to announce that I have just started giving cajon classes at Juanita Franco’s Academia de Baile de Espanol in San Diego.  Here is a quick vid to spark your interest–help spread the word!

Looking forward

I am so excited for this year and all the great concerts already scheduled. I am in the middle of a concert filled weekend with some amazing artists: Dusty Brough (Therianthrope), Rebecca Kleinmann, Julien Cantelm, Bruno Serrano, and my guruji, Abhiman Kaushal.  I am especially excited about the last one as I rarely have the […]

Updated Therianthrope Tour dates

  01.30.14 @ Lestat’s in San Diego CA.  8pm. 02.02.14 @ Soho in Santa Barbara CA.  8pm. 02.27.14 @ The Poppy in San Francisco CA.  8pm. 03.02.14 @ Wisteria Ways in Berkeley CA.  8pm. 03.04.14 @ UC Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz CA.  12pm. 03.09.14 @ The Blue Whale in Los Angeles CA.  8pm. 04.30.14 @ […]

Therianthrope with Charlie Hunter!

Therianthrope is opening for Charlie Hunter at UCSD’s the Loft on December 5th at 9pm!  We will be releasing 4 songs of our upcoming album for free too.  Get tickets here:

Fall Tabla classes on Sundays in San Diego!

I am now giving tabla classes in San Diego on Sundays during the Fall and Winter at my home studio!  I am hoping that spots will fill up quick, so contact me for more details, or click on the the lessons tab to the left.  

New Therianthrope video!

Therianthope is the musical duo of myself and Dusty Brough. We are releasing 4 songs from our upcoming album on December 5th when we open for Charlie Hunter at the Loft at UCSD. Mark your calenders and come by to support us!

Tarana: Amir Khusro and Ustad Amir Khan

I am looking forward to studying vocal music as part of my training in sangat for my upcoming AIIS grant in New Delhi.  In preparation, I have been listening to tons of Hindustani vocalists, though, I keep coming back to Ustad Amir Khan and his performances of the tarana–something I had previously little knowledge of […]

Deepak Raja’s blog

As I have been gearing up mentally for my upcoming year in Delhi, I have been looking for more online writings about Hindustani music and although I have seen his blog before, I never spent much time reading his posts.  But I wish I had!  Deepak Ji maintains a great blog with constant additions and […]

Ustad Chhamma Khan – Delhi Gharana

I just ran across across this gem today!  What beautiful, traditional, playing from the Delhi gharana.  Below is a small history of the Delhi gharana as well. The following is an excerpt borrowed on the history of the Delhi Gharana from: There was no author given, but it is from the musicopedia website. “Evolution  […]

a poem for you before birth

a poem for you before birth: (for us, from the earth comes ours) from eternity’s nightly showers, we love. and love is something that happens with you. (my love, hour after hour) as two hearts become three our love gives birth, yours, mine, and eternity.


I. Time is elastic and blurry underneath. If you open your eyes, White foam, dimensions of light, of dark, of sand. Eyelids flail open, every particle effecting, They sting. But this beauty is elusive: It was neither my experience, or an Experience that was experienced by an experiencer. It was, and it is, contained in […]

Indian music scholarship (Part 2)

This is a continuation of an earlier post, Indian music scholarship (Part 1) 19th and Early 20th Century Musicology Sir William Jones (1746-1794), the first European scholar of Indian Music (as well as the first to translate Sanskrit texts in both Greek and Latin), is important for two main reasons: (1) Jones was a famous […]

Ramji Mishra

I found this recording on youtube through knisar22’s youtube channel (which is amazing and really active with new uploads from unique recordings all the time).  Ramji’s playing is mind blowing!  Even though this an older recording without high quality, the essence of his mastery is so crystal clear.  The clarity, speed, and sheer variety of […]

Bali tour

Here are some photos from my recent tour of Bali.  Needless to say it was one of the best tours I have ever been on.  Although the quality of the photos could be better–they were taken on my phone!–I still hope you enjoy. The first few are of the house I stayed at in Ubud […]

Flamenco and tabla

This is a highlight reel of a recent concert I did with guitarist, Juan Moro, in San Diego.  The concert was small and intimate with minimal amplification at Paper Moon Guitar Studios.  I do not usually like to play tablas on a stand, but sometimes, out of necessity, I do for fusion work purposes.  Though […]

Raga Bageshree

Here are some recent clips of a house concert with sitar player, Rahul Neuman.  This was the last house concert I hosted in our old house, as we just moved to another place last week!  We may host some concerts here, but the space is not as big so we will have to keep them […]

Dha Te Te

This was a small house concert in celebration of the end of our tabla shivir.  I wish we had a harmonium player, but the lehra machine had to work.  Here is a clip of the Delhi kaida, Dha te te Dha te te.  More to come of the sitar portion of the concert, I am […]

Tabla Camp Underway!

We are having a blast this week with the CWM tabla camp.  More to come later but here is a photo of some of today’s practice.

Chalan, Hindi/Urdu, and compositional forms.

Two things have inspired this post: 1) I have been practicing a famous chalan made popular by Thirakwa Khan Saheb and 2) I am studying lots of Hindi lately.  Paired together, I have been thinking about the nature of tabla compositions in terms of genre (if we can really call it that).  There are many different types […]

Ustad Asad Ali Khan

Ustad Asad Ali Khan was one the great Rudra Veena players of our time, so his recent death is a huge loss to the world of Hindustani Classical music.  While his forefathers were court musicians in Jaipur, Rampur, and other North Indian Courts, he himself was a 7th generation musician.  He was never married, but […]

Raga Bhopali and Zohrabai Agrewali

I received an email today about a new website called, Ragas4u (  At first glance it looks like a fantastic site filled with many resources for both the layman and the advanced.  I went to the Raga Bhopali section and decided to give some of the exercises a go–it had me there for almost an […]

Pandit Mahapurush Mishra

What an artist!  I have been enjoying listening to Mahapurush Mishra Ji’s youtube clips recently and wanted to know more about his life.  Here is a short biography of him that I found on the internet.  I wish there was more on his life somewhere though–I want to order Aban Mistry’s book, Tabla and Pakhawaj […]

Thoughts on the history of Indian Music

I have been applying for some grants recently–the AIIS senior performing arts grant in particular–and I have been thinking about how to formulate a Full Bright grant proposal as well, but for a completely different project.  For the AIIS grant, I am proposing to learn only sangat (music accompaniment) on the tabla for nine months […]

Indian music scholarship (Part 1)

In a description of the ways that scholars have written about India, Amartya Sen posits three distinct approaches to the “images of India’s intellectual traditions”: (1) exoticist, (2) magisterial, and (3) curatorial  (Sen 2005:140).  The exoticist approach focuses on the strange and different “wondrous aspects of India.”  The magisterial category “strongly relates to the exercise […]

Tabla in Hyderabad

I have wanted to revise and post some excerpts from my master’s research in Hyderabad  recently, so here is a part of my research that explores the history of three distinct paramparas of tabla transmission in Hyderabad.  There are three distinct paramparas (musical lineages that have more than three generations of transmission) that have roots […]


I have heard Khan Saheb many times, but this small clip blows my mind… he is truly the most lyrical sitar player alive today.  I have heard few renditions of Bhairavi that are as deep as this two minute clip here.  I wish there was more of this concert posted on youtube, but this will […]

Ustad Karamatullah Khan

Ustad Karamatullah was one of the greatest players of the Farukhabad gharana in recorded history.  I searched for a biography of his online, but came up with none except for a small snipet of his father, Ustad Masit Khan, who was known as an early popularizer of the Faroukhabad gharana in West Bengal: “The late […]


A beautiful rendering of the Farukhabad peshkar by Amod Dandage. I absolutely love the the aesthetic of Amod Ji’s peshkar, and this peshkar embodies some if Faroukhbad’s essential character.  The word peshkar comes from the Hindi/Urdu verb, peshkar karna, which means ‘to present.’ Amod Dandage (Farukhabad Gharana) playing here Peshkar in Teentaal. Amod Dandage is […]

Reflections on Slawek

“Engrossed Minds, Embodied Moods and Liberated Spirits in Two Musical Traditions of India.” -Stephen Slawek A quick note: There are no citations here because this is only a quick reflection on an article that intrigued me. This is not meant to be a scholarly paper. Here is the link for this article: In Stephen […]

Kolkata (part one)

Hello all. I haven’t posted for a while… Lately I have been studying lots of Hindi and practicing a ton in an attempt to take advantage of my last days here in India. I leave in 2 and a half weeks! My trip to Kolkata (Calcutta) with Andy was a different kind of trip than […]

Gig with Rajasthan Roots

_ _ _ _ I just played a gig at Ta Blu with Rajasthan Roots and it was a great success! I was only playing drumset (not tabla) on this gig and really enjoying getting back into it. The greatest part was being able to play tihais and other tabla rhythms with the morchang/cartaal percussionist. […]

Rehearsal with Rajasthan roots

_ I had my first paid gig in India yesterday (for a wedding). The musicians are apart of a group called “Rajasthan Roots,” and they are excellent. The photo here was taken after a rehearsal in Morchang Studios–a studio owned and ran by one of the founding members of Rajasthan Roots. I have a couple […]

Poetry recital

_ _ This is a poetry recital that took place in front of our house in a large field called Dashera Ground. The poetry was really difficult to understand but through the deductions by my room mate, Sean, and I, we understood at least a little. One poet kept Saying “America” and “Pakistan,” and how […]

Panchwati Cirlce

_ _ This past Saturday I had the chance to see devotional music and festivities near my house in Jaipur. The temple, devoted to lord Hanumaun, is in the middle of a traffic circle, which for this event, was transformed and blocked off allowing for 200 or so people to congregate and take part in […]


“Globalization is the result of powerful governments, especially that of the United States, pushing trade deals and other accords down the throats of the world’s people to make it easier for corporations and the wealthy to dominate the economies of nations around the world without having obligations to the people of those nations.” -Robert W. […]

SEM Wesleyan

Just coming back from SEM, the Society of Ethnomusicology and completely energized to do my projects. I was blessed to meet my favorite scholars and they were more than I expected, especially Regula Qureshi (University of Alberta), Allyn Miner (U Penn), and Dan Neuman (UCLA). I can’t wait to practice again and to get started […]


Our view from the hotel room in Kerala. And by the way, there is surf in Inida! good, heavy, and uncrowded surf too… My dreams are becoming reality. The view from the other side of our hotel room. This is where our house boat parked for the night (still in Kerala). We asked our cook […]

Amer Fort – Jaipur

In art, man reveals himself and not his objects. -Rabindranath Tagore _ Restoration in progress at Amer fort in Jaipur… The intricate paintings are all done with “natural colors,” but I really don’t know what that means. A monkey relaxing on the roof. Liana is now studying dhol! This was once a spa for the […]

House concert in Jaipur

_ _ This is a house concert the host family I am living (Raj and Vina Bhandari) with arranged for me and Justin (a sitar player also in the Hindi program). Unfortunately, his sitar string broke and that is why you see the laptop there besides me! It was the first concert I did accompanied […]

Thoughts on Yoga

Why does the west insist upon creating a world of yoga arts that is so different from the Indian expressions it claims to come from? If there are already Indian communities in diasporas, and temples associated with them in almost every major city in the western world, why is it that western practitioners do not […]