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I am so excited for this year and all the great concerts already scheduled. I am in the middle of a concert filled weekend with some amazing artists: Dusty Brough (Therianthrope), Rebecca Kleinmann, Julien Cantelm, Bruno Serrano, and my guruji, Abhiman Kaushal.  I am especially excited about the last one as I rarely have the chance to sit with my guruji on stage! Therianthrope is almost done with our album–which will be out by the end of February–and we have two tours booked with more on the way. I am starting to tour with Dave Stringer a bit more as well–our first adventure takes us to the Denver chant festival on February 16th with a kirtan flight school to follow. In addition, I am looking forward to making music with the amazing Sheela Bringi on bansuri, harmonium, and vocals on Dave’s upcoming tours. Be sure to check back and subscribe to my blog, I will update regularly while on tour!


This is a highlight reel of a recent concert I did with guitarist, Juan Moro, in San Diego.  The concert was small and intimate with minimal amplification at Paper Moon Guitar Studios.  I do not usually like to play tablas on a stand, but sometimes, out of necessity, I do for fusion work purposes.  Though I always play with shoes off!  Juan is an amazing guitarist I have worked with for the past fews years and a dedicated scholar in both flamenco and linguistics.  Moro is a professor of linguistics at UCSD.  Enjoy!

Here are some recent clips of a house concert with sitar player, Rahul Neuman.  This was the last house concert I hosted in our old house, as we just moved to another place last week!  We may host some concerts here, but the space is not as big so we will have to keep them quite small.

This was a small house concert in celebration of the end of our tabla shivir.  I wish we had a harmonium player, but the lehra machine had to work.  Here is a clip of the Delhi kaida, Dha te te Dha te te.  More to come of the sitar portion of the concert, I am editing it right now.