Bali tour

Here are some photos from my recent tour of Bali.  Needless to say it was one of the best tours I have ever been on.  Although the quality of the photos could be better–they were taken on my phone!–I still hope you enjoy.

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The first few are of the house I stayed at in Ubud where a beautiful statue of Saraswati was at the entrance.

Then, a series of photos at Klotok, the beach where I body surfed several times and managed to get great waves.  I was told the statue there is of the son of Hanuman who was accidently dropped in the ocean (by Hanuman) on the way back from Lanka.  But because he could never find his father–Hanuman, who meditated constantly in the forest–he was deemed to a life of strife, where he breathed fire like that of a dragon.  I am not sure if this is a Balinese interpretation of the Ramayana stories, or taken directly from its source in India (can anyone help with this one?).  Supposedly, when he left the ocean and searched for his father, his vehicle was a sea turtle.

A friend of mine, Meghan Hynson, who studies gamelan in Bali (as well as a UCLA PhD student) took me to the home of her gender wayang teacher in Mas, Bali.  His son (whose name I forgot!) is an amazing puppeteer, musician, and mask maker whose works have been shown all over the world.  The first picture is a carving of President Obama in a Balinese-style head decor, something that I didn’t catch right away (did you?).  One of the pictures is his humble work station with only a stump and chisels.  It amazed me that he created so much with so little!

And of course, I had to include two more pictures of my commute to the ocean on my trusty scooter.

I assisted Dave Stringer at the Vibrant Living Yoga teacher training sessions, and one student of sessions drew a picture of us while we played one afternoon.  I am not sure if she was bored by the music or moved to create something spontaneously.  Either way, I had to have an archive of it.

On the way back from the coast one afternoon I was stopped by a marching gamelan for a festival.  I took one picture of a kid dressed up in his costume and he grew so excited that he called over his friends and had me take another with all of them.

One morning during our stay, Dave and I played a kirtan at dawn for another yoga retreat in Ubud.  The setting was beautiful: sunrise at Lake Batur with a view of the volcano.

The next set of photos are of Hotel Anahata, where I stayed for the final stint in Ubud.  It was a gorgeous place on a canyon that had two waterfalls at the bottom.

I didn’t realize it, but the final photo is the only one of music!  We had a great recording session during our last week in Bali.  Pictured here is Dave Stringer on harmonium and Angelo Berardi on violin.

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