Rehearsal with Rajasthan roots


I had my first paid gig in India yesterday (for a wedding). The musicians are apart of a group called “Rajasthan Roots,” and they are excellent. The photo here was taken after a rehearsal in Morchang Studios–a studio owned and ran by one of the founding members of Rajasthan Roots. I have a couple of pictures of the gig we did yesterday but they were not of us playing (I will post them soon!). There were six musicians total: bansuri (flute), morchang and other percussion, vocals, dotara (two string plucked instrument), bass, and drums. The vocalist and percussion player come from a family of folk musicians just outside of Jaipur, and they definitely carry the group. We are talking about doing a whole album together, so we will see what happens. In any case, our next gig is this Friday and is an actual concert. I will definitely be sure to get pictures of us playing this time!

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